Attacking Herman Cain’s character

Charges of sexual assault and NOT a shred of evidence to back up the claims,  NOTHING, ZERO…

And to have a media whore and ambulance chaser like “Gloria Allred” representing this woman adds even more doubt to this Woman’s credibility, Not to mention the book signing deal she’s going to grab when and if it’s offered to her..  I’ve said this before, The biggest fear Liberals have is a true conservative as President that will turn back the clock on progressives by 10 or 20 years… Cain and Bachmann are the biggest threats, they fit the model, and their the ones who’ve been under attack the most..  It’s the left searching for skeletons in Cains closet, they seek these people out, they tell them about the Millions of dollars they can make, the notoriety they’ll gain and they lawyer up… In most cases with a high profile lawyer who can net the most media exposure.

It’s the Left searching for skeletons in Cains closet, they seek these people out, they tell her she can make Millions and they lawyer them up…

What we have here is another Clarence Thomas style lynching by the Left… In the minds of Liberals, Blacks are not supposed to be Republicans, Women are not supposed to be Republicans, their supposed to one of us, When they don’t fit the Liberal template they resort character assassinations. Think about it, whenever a conservative black or female politician moves up in the polls or gains media attention, Liberals are out in full force attacking their character, first Palin, then Bachmann, now Cain.

They didn’t touch  Herman Cain when he was down in the polls, but now that he’s risen, let’s attack his character, let’s go after a Black man and brand him a pervert like we did Clarence Thomas.

Destroying peoples lives is what Liberals do, they have NO morals, they pretend to be compassionate but their really not, When it comes right down to it, their the most cold hearted pieces of shit you’ll ever come across.

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