Occupy Wall Street College Tuition

Another lazy ass Occupy Wall Street protester asking the working class to pay for his college tuition,  I will never understand why people like this guy feel their entitled to other peoples money in the first place…  Sure, we the tax payer are on the hook for Trillions of dollars in TARP that our Federal Government gave to Wall Street,  I’m as angry about it as the protesters are,  however the Trillions used to bailout the banks is money the Federal Government had to borrow, it’s borrowed money that were going to have to pay back, So when banks make tens of billions of dollars of repayments, that money should go directly to repay the money we borrowed, make sense?  It should NOT go to this protesters school tuition,  why should my children and grandchildren work their butts off to put his stupid ass through college?, that’s really what it comes down to.

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